Friday, June 19, 2009

OMT and the New Technologies

Yesterday, a graduate student of mine committed the horrendous (and unforgivable) faux-pas of asking whether I had written my dissertation on a typewriter. I answered: 'yes, and I wrote my undergraduate thesis on papyrus; you can see it - with the Magna Carta - at the British Museum.' Truth be told, I wrote my thesis on a portable (so-called) Leading Edge which weighed-in at twenty pounds, and had a memory - someone correct me if I'm wrong - of 20mb.

So I thought this would be an appropriate time to once again announce OMT's presence on twitter, and the latest development, my own facebook page.

Discussions of the virtues of the new technologies are, I've already gathered, symptomatic, of ignorance of their potential.

So I'm all in - hope to see you there!

(I had hoped to have a couple of nice clean facebook and twitter 'buttons' available here; but... I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet.)


naomi said...

Wow. That is egregious. But are you sure it's unforgivable?

The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

Kids sometimes ask me what we did for fun before computers were invented. I tell them we used to keep a desk in the basement with nothing on it and sit around it for 3-4 hours a day saying "One day there will be something on this desk that we will use to waste our time and say we're being more productive."

wdk said...

LGI - trippy!

m said...
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