Monday, December 6, 2010

From Hanuka to the Tenth of Teves: Tragedy of Translation


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Pierre Sogol said...

The "librarification" of Torah reminds me of the celebration at the Library of Congress upon the "official" completion of the Schottenstein Talmud project. Highly respected, highly regarded on Capitol Hill, Jewish politicians and now Talmud - with so much other work of lhvdl human hands and minds. Everyone is indeed 'very special' now, as the term is as meaningless as when shadchanim us it...In a sense I still find Judaism guilty for having raised the notion of "specialness" (in many ways), for having brought it up at all. Many of these Jewish influences forming foundations in the west for centuries (the individual, universal ethics, rule of law, etc, etc), now under the reign of a zombie muselman Postmodernism reliance on such foundations dispensed with entirely (I think also of Rorty et al as accounted in Ian Markham's work).